Ice sculpting

As promised, here’s a look at some of the ice sculpting taking place at St. Paul’s Rice Park.

Caution: Amateur video ahead:

For other weekend entertainment options, we turn to Barbara Schaller from Burnsville, who wrote to us this week:

“I am easily amused. Last Thursday morning (January 15, 2009), I was in my back yard clad in silk long johns under my long nightgown, a turtleneck over my nightgown, taking pictures of frozen soap bubbles! See them here. The temperature was -24 degrees. I’ve been doing this for 35 years, weather permitting (believe it or not, it doesn’t often get cold enough), and the last time was five years ago when our two-year-old granddaughter was visiting. She was out there with me and giggled and clapped and laughed from the bottom of her toes. She won’t remember it and I will never forget it.”

Release your inner soap bubble-maker this weekend.

And, of course, the Pond Hockey Championships are taking place on Lake Nokomis this weekend. MPR’s Tom Weber did a dandy story on them last year.

  • frozen soap bubbles! I have heard of this but never seen it.

    Thank you for having the Blog to put out this viewer/listener driven stuff.

    I never, ever, listened or visited MPR before you started Polinaut, and followed you here. And I find myself turning on 89.3 at 5:15 just to hear you on the air.

  • Minnwhaler

    Love these creations. Have been fascinated ever since I went to the first “fancy” buffet that featured ice sculptures at each food area, i.e. seafood, salad, etc. Can’t wait for the finished products