From worms to heroes


There’s no end to some of the fascinating insight that comes from Thursday’s ditching of the US Airways plane in the Hudson River. It was brought down by a flock of birds. Today, I found an obscure publication — until last week — from the Department of Agriculture and the Federal Aviation Administration on bird strikes.

The most interesting part? One of the big reasons birds hang out at airports: worms. If you’ve ever walked down your driveway during a rainstorm, you know the scenario. Rain brings out the worms, worms bring out the birds.

There are plenty of pictures in that report, and also in this one, which features archived bird-strike reports.


Meanwhile, the pilot of the plane in the New York incident, Chesley Sullenberger III, canceled his appearance on the Today Show this morning at the request of his union.

We love heroes, of course. Sullenberger’s name was even invoked in Ireland today. A commentary in the Irish Times said what Ireland needs is, well, more Sullenbergers.

On Facebook this weekend, a marketing specialist in branding (Sullenberger is now a brand), set up a Sullenberger group. In four days, it attracted 368,765 members.

We’re still waiting for the first lawsuit, but it probably won’t come from a Wisconsin lawyer who was on the plane. She wants Sully at her wedding.