Are you optimistic? Why?

There’s a fair amount of argument in the country about just how bad the economy is, but a new poll shows that a significant number of people don’t think it’s bad at all, apparently.

The Washington Post-ABC News poll today shows the most negative assessment of the country since the two started polling decades ago.

Nearly eight in 10 of those surveyed say the country is headed seriously off course. Seven in 10 worry about their family’s finances, and 94 percent say the country’s economy is in “not so good” or “poor” shape, the most negative assessment in more than 23 years of Post-ABC polling.

Six percent say, apparently, that the economy is at least “okee dokey.” Who are these people and what do they do? Is it the very rich big boss type? First, how did they reach them by telephone? Second, how did they reach them by telephone when they were out on the ledge?

Seventy percent of those surveyed worry about the economy’s effect on their family’s finances. But 30% don’t? Who are these people?

The poll also shows that Barack Obama is taking popularity as the most popular president. Want to guess who had the highest popularity ratings during a term in the history of polling? George W. Bush.

A separate New York Times CBS poll today says most Americans do not expect real progress in improving the economy, reforming the health care system, or ending the war in Iraq.

And, yet, 80 percent say they’re “optimistic” about the next four years, even though they don’t think much will change on the major issues.


  • I think that there are a group of people that have their head stuck in the sand and do not want to believe that the economy is bad. Things are going good for them and they do not want to believe that it will change. This same group wants to blame the poor for the problems that they have “caused for themselves.”

    My sister wrote an article for the Poverty in America page of the Poverty and Hunger website I am working on. She showed it to some of her friends who gave her a hard time for “helping those people” that are where they are in life because of poor choices.

    My wife goes to a lot of blog sites and reads about people’s lives. I think that it is interesting when she tells me there are still people that are shocked about being layed off that day. “They did not see it coming.” People want to think that their job is secure and they will not be layed off. They might be right. They might just cut their hours.

    I am a Nurse and there has been rumors about layoffs where I work. They have already cut peoples hours. This last week they made sure that every one signed a paper that said we have read the policy about conflict of interest. Which basically says we have to have their approval before getting a second job somewhere else.

  • Mark Weber

    Personally, I believe that change CAN occur, and my optimism is owed to the fact that things are currently SO BAD that it may finally bring about the political will necessary to create change.

  • brian

    I’m young, have a job in an industry that is as stable as it can be right now, and don’t have any kids. All the debt my wife and I have are student loans. We have more savings than most people our age (not that that is saying much). I guess I can afford to be a little optimistic.

  • I think that people are optimistic because we now have a new President and he has promised change. America is still a rich country compared to most of the rest of the world.

    I have been working to help poor hungry African children for the last three years. These African orphans are truly in danger of starving and their government cannot/will not help.