Alleged RNC Molotov cocktail maker to change plea

MPR’s Elizabeth Stawicki says one of the Texas men accused of trying to disrupt the Republican National Convention with Molotov cocktails is scheduled to change his not guilty plea tomorrow in federal court in Minneapolis The brief court document does not reveal any details about Bradley Crowder’s plea and his lawyer declined to comment.

Last fall, his father told the Star Tribune that his son “was looking for excitement and hooked up with the wrong people on their way to protest at the Republican National Convention.”

Much of the evidence against Crowder and one other man came from an informant from Texas who infiltrated a protest group. (See his affadavit)

Another man, David McKay, is scheduled to go to trial later this month.

Acknowledging his role in the investigation, the informant — Brandon Darby — has not endeared himself to the RNC protest groups.

If the second trial is not settled, Darby will have to tell his story in open court.