A year in Minnesota

MPR’s Tom Weber has just finished his sentence first year in Minnesota. Guess what? He’s staying. Being the creative sort he is, he’s pulled together images of his first year here:

The message on this cold day? Quit your bellyachin’. You love it here and you know it. And, no, I can’t explain why one of YouTube’s suggestions if you liked Tom’s video is someone playing “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” on Guitar Hero.

  • Thanks, Bob.

    I will reach my 6 year (gah, where does the time go?) mark at the end of March.

  • Allie

    Thanks Bob. That helped. Especially the pictures of the State Fair and the green grass.

  • Heather

    Oh! I really want mini-donuts now!

    Tom, you should try to make it to the Jolly Green Giant statue in Blue Earth (it’s still there, right?). It’s a gas!