You’re fired!

It was a funny story today, right up until the part where a guy lost his job.

Up in Crookston, Mike Raymond drove a Polk County payloader onto the ice on the Red River where it promptly fell through. Funny stuff.

Today the county sent him a letter, the Grand Forks Herald reports, that said “you’re fired.”

It did him no good that he’s been with the Highway Department for 28 years. It did him no good that his father before him was in the Highway Department. It did him no good that he was a “good employee,” as described by his boss.

Raymond’s mistake — and it was a mistake — was that he was either (a) trying to be a good guy or (b) using county equipment for personal use. He says he thought it would be helpful to ice fishermen if he cleared some snow around the Crookston boat ramp. That violates the rules.

His boss says he sent a memo out last year warning county employees against using county equipment for personal use. He’s got a fish house on the river too, although he says he didn’t clear a path to it.

Lives change with stupid mistakes. Have you ever had a boss who gave you another chance? Do tell.