Winter. Embrace it!

You can fight it, but winter always wins. You might as well embrace it.

Take these lads at Chicago’s Soldier Field on Monday night:


The temperature was near zero in Chicago as Vikings fans wondered whether the Packers could help them to the playoffs by beating the Bears. I, on the other hand, found myself wondering why we don’t hear more about emergency room cases of people with frostbitten chests.

I, on the other hand, spent the evening making ice lanterns. Several Current listeners sent me tips on how to make them. In the end, I chickened out and just bought a mold.


Let’s see south Florida top that!

The floor is open for your tips on how to enjoy winter.

  • BJ Bonin

    Water balloons not good enough for you?

  • Cathy

    We made the water balloon ones today too.

    And they are beautiful!!

  • Bonnie

    You asked, and one of my favorite cold weather things is, no matter how nasty the garbage, nothing stinks. And my garage becomes a walk-in frig or freezer…depending…Now I know this isn’t going to earn me any points. But you asked, and it is one thing about winter that I do enjoy.

  • jfh

    lads? lads??

    Bob, you’ve been in England too long.


  • bsimon

    After starting December fighting off a bout of something that left me tired and cold for about three weeks, the simple act of shoveling the snow was very enjoyable for me, particularly on Sunday morning, despite the below-zero temps.

  • Gwb

    Oh Bob. Heard you on the current just now. You obviously aren’t privy to the oldest trick when it comes to drinking hard liqour at a sporting event. You smuggle in a flask, buy a soda, drink half and fill it up with your favorite adult beverage. This is how these kids are shirtless in Chicago.