Will the Vikes’ sell out?

According to an official with the Minnesota Vikings, only 55 percent of season ticket holders have purchased tickets to the Vikes’ playoff game next week against Philadelphia.

I always take these “Oh, dear, there may be a blackout” stories with a grain of salt. The TV stations that stand to make money on advertisements will eventually step in to buy tickets.

But it’s possible that this will be a test of whether the poor economy has hit the football fan yet.

  • Bonnie

    Surprisingly the ticket prices are just slightly higher than a regular game…we did buy our season tickets for sunday so I guess we’re in the 55%.

    I think the tickets will sell once people awake from their holiday sugar naps. Not that many opportunities to attend an NFL playoff game, there are probably tickets galore available in the 30-40 range. Not a bad price for a days entertainment. Just don’t come hungry or thirsty or you’ll need another 30 bucks.

    Vikes were smart not to raise prices on next season.

  • Bonnie

    Bob, just out of curiosity…the Fort Mills Times?

    Apparently I am the only MPR member/follower who is also a vikings season ticket holder…I feel like Cathy Wurzer should sending me a purple coffee mug.


  • bsimon

    Some friends have season tickets, but I don’t know if they’re going to the playoffs. When I spoke to them 2 weeks ago, she was helping her employer prepare to file for bankruptcy; he was preparing to sell one of his business trucks during the off-season. My guess is playoff tickets are not high on their priority list.