Weather beauty


Jeremy Breiner of Alpha, Minn., sent this picture along this morning. Alpha is in southwest Minnesota along the Iowa border. It’s actually a picture he took in 2007 at sunset. But, like the pictures our news team are assembling of the weekend blizzard, it’s a reminder of the beauty of desolation.

Weather pictures, in particular, are like that. The natural occurrence that can lead to misery, is — at the same time — beautiful. Take this picture for instance.


This is from southern New Hampshire where an ice storm has caused plenty of misery in the northeast, and yet, it’s beautiful in a Raiders of the Lost Ark (“don’t look at it or your face with melt”) kind of way.

(Photo by Getty Images)

My sister sent this picture to me this morning.


It’s from north central Massachusetts. She and her husband hauled a generator down from Maine to my elderly mother’s house, and also rescued my disabled brother from his powerless mobile home. They were without heat and power for 50 hours.

  • Alas, on Friday, I fell and sprained my ankle on the way to work.

    Photography in the near future is a dubious proposition. Its a pity, since the Mississippi in the early morning with its cover of ice is very pretty.