There is no (Operation) Santa

What’s this? The US Postal Service has closed up Operation Santa? For over 100 years, people would “adopt” a letter to Santa from a down-and-out family, and then shop for, and deliver presents to the children. It was all so…. so…. Christmas-like. But reality has set in, according to the New York Times. Somewhere — the authorities won’t say where — a sex offender got one of the letters. And that was enough to wrap up the program.

Perhaps we should’ve known the end was near last year when the Postal Service started requiring photo IDs and legal waivers, absolving the Postal Service from any legal responsibility if something goes wrong.

  • Aaron

    The sex offender was trying to do a good deed and they stopped it. If he was telling the truth, this is a very sad story.

  • Brian F

    That really irks me. No details about this sex offender, no evidence, just panicky speculation. For all I know, he might have been labeled a sex offender for a legitimate reason, or he might have flashed some woman in a park. It seems that the “registered sex offender” label is becoming meaningless. It’s being proposed as punishment for teenagers who send nude photos via cell phone, for instance, which is just asinine.

    It seems premature to shut down a program that has done – and could continue to do – so much good based on speculation that one person *might* take advantage of it, for whatever reason. Investigate the guy, find out if he’s a legitimate risk to a child, but leave the program alone.


  • Sam

    NBC Nightly News ran a story on this tonight, and the first line the reporter uttered about the Operation Santa program was, “It’s a tradition as old as the holiday itself…”

    Sigh. One more reminder of why we need that “elitist” public broadcasting…

  • Bob Collins

    Yikes, so I was off by 2,007 years.