The invisible sports franchise

The Minnesota Timberwolves, Minnesota’s most forlorn sports franchise, fired coach Randy Wittman today, according to reports, and put the man most responsible for the team’s collapse — Kevin McHale — back in charge as head coach.

How tough are things for the Timberwolves? Since you’re smart enough to find your way to News Cut on a regular basis, I’m assuming you’re familiar with Wikipedia, and the nature by which the online encyclopedia is updated by people who pride themselves on being the first to add new nuggets of information to a listing within seconds of its occurrence.

Here’s a section of the Wikipedia listing for the Minnesota Timberwolves:


Not only had Wittman’s firing not been added (as of 12:17 p.m.), but not a word of any aspect of the current season had been added. The section on the team’s “rebuilding” had not been updated in 14 months. No mention was made of the Timberwolves rookie draft last year, even though the team had the #3 overall pick (which McHale botched by trading it).

McHale is holding a 2 p.m. news conference, which could have a high entertainment value.

  • all i can say is those that are still buying the tickets are some loyal fans. nice observation on wikipedia. i don’t know if your mention will even get somebody to update it….

  • bsimon

    The only time I think about the Timberwolves is when I get the bill for eating or drinking downtown – and see a 10% tax charged to pay for their arena.

  • bigalmn

    This action shows why Glen Taylor has made and kept so much of his earnings. It does not cost him a dime (no new coach so no new cost) and either McHale will be a great coach or if not he can be dismissed without much cost.

    If McHale has really made all the personnel decisions himself then he should be the one to try and make them work.

    If he can not make them work, he will be gone and we will see what comes next. My guess is that McHale did not make all these decisions himself (that is why he is not gone already) and that in many cases the decisions were made to keep Mr. Taylor’s pocket book intact.

  • Alanna in MI

    In response to the lack of current season information, here’s the link to it. Link

    (if that doesn’t work, sorry, I don’t use HTML much)

    It still doesn’t say anything about the firing of the head coach.

  • Bob Collins

    I don’t think McHale has made all the decisions himself. The trade that sent O.J. Mayo away — I BELIEVE — involved Taylor getting a wad of cash. I think the trade that sent Brandon Roy away also involved Taylor picking up some green.

    It was only a few short years ago, remember, that Taylor was viewed as the potential savior of both the Vikings and the Twins.

  • Bonnie

    Interesting Observation about Wikipaedia…in contrast, Mischke’s firing from KSTP was updated instantaneously.

  • KJ

    I can speak from the point of a former 11 year season ticket holder that the one and only reason I gave up my tickets was because of Kevin McHale’s continued ineptness as role of GM. At the end of last season I could not take the blundering any longer and decided that they only way to be heard by the ownership is to cancel my tickets. I am a die hard fan, but I could no longer give my hard earned money to a team that had made 1 correct decision in McHale’s tenure. Before this season the team was confident that they had what they needed to make a 20 win improvement and get headed back to the playoffs.

    What else can you do other than not give a team money if you are a fan and do not approve with their decision?