The snow is falling and so is the sky! We’re having our first major snowstorm of the year. We interrupt this blog post for this important announcement: Minnesotans are not fazed by the weather.

And it’s time for Sningo!

—————————————- chain-saw-clipart1.gif—————————————–


—————————————- chain-saw-clipart1.gif—————————————–

Feel free to post any instances of the above in the official Sningo comments section below. Also, you can follow the storm on MPR’s Updraft blog.

Update 4:52 p.m. – We have our first photo of us being unfazed of the winter season. This is on some side streets — side streets! — outside the News Cut World Headquarters. Note the way we have adjusted into gridlock without having to relearn this from last year. That person walking will be home before any of them.


  • Willie

    Great game – but so many easy squares. Love the one about “blaming” the weather guy at the TV station for the snow.

    Heck, if they even knew when it was going to snow…just kidding. SNINGO it’s the hot new game of the ages…we’re looking forward to playing tonight!

  • bsimon

    Given that Mr Douglas is no longer broadcast, will we hear ‘the white stuff’ or the blame-taking for the snow from remaining weather people? I don’t recall other broadcasters using the phrases as frequently.

  • Bob Collins

    If you lose your Sningo card, just print out one of the disputed Coleman/Franken ballots. Same thing.

  • Elizabeth T

    Perhaps another box: someone outside of Minnesota tells you what a big snow storm they got: 1 inch.

  • dpsours

    There should be a square for TV anchors and weatherfolk quoting snow-related songs. Last night on Fox news, we got a trifecta from their Three Stooges:

    Weatherman: “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas”

    Other Guy: “Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow”

    and finally, after some pondering, Robyne Robinson chimed in with…

    “Watch Out Where the Huskies Go”

    Ah, that zany news show banter!

  • Mark Gisleson

    Looks like fun. Is there any way to play without watching local newscasts?

  • Jennifer B

    When I got home from work last night, I turned on the TV and the very first thing I heard was “Are we going to get anymore of the white stuff?”

  • Anna

    Points for all: I just went storm shopping at the co-op with two items on my list, milk for me and extra greens for my rabbit.