Smells like team spirit

All Things Considered reported yesterday on a Pennsylvania company that is making perfumes and colognes intended to evoke your alma mater.

For example, women who attended Penn State, can splash a blend vanilla, lilac, rose and white patchouli, while men can splash on a cologne with a sense blue cypress and cracked pepper.

I’m a University of Minnesota alum, and I’m thinking my collegiate experience might be summed up in smell as the following:

L’gopher — eau de pizza, newsprint and soy ink, (Bus) Number Sixteen, with a hint of road salt-spiced snow. A riveting concoction designed to delight the senses and capture the myth of a generation.

What’s your formula?

Link: Masik Collegiate Fragrances

  • LOL:)

  • brian

    My wife went to St Olaf (so I spent a lot of time there).

    Essence of Toasty O, with a blend of Chocolate chip cookie (Coco Roos?) and coffee, and a slight hint of lutefisk(seasonal).

    (For those of you that don’t know, there is a Malt-o-meal factory in Northfield. The campus usually smells like Cherrios (Toasty Os)

  • Bob

    A universal collegiate fragrance, for anyone who spent more time caring about sports and sniffing jocks than pursuing their studies:

    essence of blood and sputum

    overlay of body odor

    scent of squished hot dog

    smell of spilled beer

  • Jonny Yum Yum

    Stank of drunken frats overlaying the smell of money

    underlayed by the hard edge of fear sweat from backroom

    stadium deals.

  • Bonnie

    L’gopher por la femme is my fragrence, yes 16A all the way, spiced with an added touch of eau du sloppyjoes from bsmt of Blegen Hall and typewriter ribbons.

    Offspring went to Carleton…have no idea what it smells like but I’m sure we can’t afford it anyway. Would be incredibly complex, a hint of maltomeal, probably a sophisticated version of the Ole smell with hints of Ivy.

  • Lollygirlie1


    What happened to Bob, and when will he be back? Not that I don’t like you’re writing, I just miss Bob.


  • jfh


  • bigalmn

    If Collins had written this he would have added tear gas to the list because he was a collegian (as well as myself) in those early 70’s when Vietnam was being protested.

  • @bigalmn – What makes you think I can’t put tear gas on my list? I was there during 2002 hockey riots in Dinkytown. 🙂