Ray’s story

Lorna Benson’s story today about Ray Sandford is one of the most compelling — and sad — stories about mental illness we’ve heard in a long time.

He wants to stop the court-ordered electroshock treatments for his psychotic episodes, but it’s not his choice. Lutheran Social Services is his guardian.

His mother thought the sessions would help, but she thought they’d stop after a few treatments. They didn’t.

“I don’t care if he forgets the birthday of his nieces and nephews, although it’s very important to him to remember that and probably more important to him that it is to anybody else in the family. But I do care that he can remember the names and know that they’re born and remember what he did last Christmas if it was a happy memory, remember the good times. It’s too bad to take away that.”

Ray will be in court tomorrow for a hearing on this.

Be sure to read Lorna’s story. What do you think is the proper course of action here?