On the road

I’m on the road today, stopping in two more locations scheduled to be on the 2009 News Cut on Campus Tour. I’ll be meeting with people at Lake Superior State and then driving up to Ely to visit at Vermilion Community College. The plan is to spend each Wednesday during the first quarter of 2009 at a different campus in the state, talking to students about their individual journey and their outlook on life. We’ll be presenting them here.

It’s a crazy idea that will either yield great stories or be a miserable failure. We’ll see.

So, posting — at least from me — will be light today. Hopefully, however, you’ll be hearing from Than Tibbetts and Steve Mullis in my place.

Meanwhile, you can see how much I love to drive around the state. So here’s yet another call for you to inform me of interesting people you’ve met who you think should be profiled here on News Cut. Oh sure, few people ever actually send me these “tips,” but I’ll continue to ask until you begin to believe I care. Because, I know you know interesting people.

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