Not ready for prime time

The Israeli consulate is holding a “press conference” via Twitter this afternoon in what surely is a first. People post messages with the @israelconsulate address in the message.

The format has a way to go before it becomes valuable, however. Unlike most press conferences, with this one you have to read the answers first and then work your way back to find out the questions.

However, the “answers” so far, make the questions as obvious as the answers are predictable.

Here are some of the major points highlighted so far (with the actual answers):

  • Isr. left Gaza in 2005 to send message of peace. Ans. more rockets
  • Since Isr. completed barrier almost no terr.attacks took place
  • Purposely targeting innocent civilians, like Hamas does in firing 10000+ projectiles since 2001
  • Targeting Hamas installations, located w/in civilian areas. War is w/Hamas not civ.

    A better way to follow things is by searching #AskIsrael, but then you have to read through miles of posts of people writing, “I’m typing up a question to ask the Israeli consulate.”


    Sometimes, the old media is a better forum. If there’s one issue that can’t be explained in a series of 140 character messages, this one is it.

    It was a nice try, however.

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