Media layoffs

The axe is falling on more media personalities.

Nat Hentoff was let go yesterday by the Village Voice, so everyone pretty much knew firings were coming at City Pages, which is owned by the same company.


James Norton and Assistant A-List editor Ben Palosaari have been let go, according to media analyst David Brauer at Minnpost. He also notes that WCCO-AM has dismised overnight talk host Al Malmberg and his fill-in, Brad Walton.

One of the questions for 2009? Is there any local media that will escape the budget-cutting axe?

  • Yes, Bob… hopefully all the peeps at MPR survive.

  • Yes, Bob… hopefully all the peeps at MPR survive.

  • Mark Gisleson

    More to the point, is there any local media that deserves to be flourishing given the horrendous job they did of covering the war, the economy, and wholesale looting of the U.S. Treasury by Wall Street greedheads?

  • Michael

    So, is the Good Neighbor going to sign off at midnight? Or, simulcast the BBC?

  • Bob Collins

    Maybe they’ll bring back Dr. Laura.

    I miss Phil Hendrie.

  • c

    //Yes, Bob… hopefully all the peeps at MPR survive.//

    So since this has been brought up, the other day I was applauding some Mpr peoples for their efforts in bringing life to the radio on this very blog. I went to add Danny Sieglemann but noticed he was no longer on the rollcall of hosts or Tony Lopez for that matter as I would have added them.

    (I didn’t add Steve Seel because he wouldn’t play my suggestion for my 3 songs. Apparently they were a bit too lively for his lunch-time digestive tract.

  • Tiffany

    So, now we need to know what what your 3 songs would be??

  • Skip

    Time for MPR to give back all its tax handouts and slim down it’s bloated bureaucacy.

  • Bob Collins

    Skip: just curious about whether you’ve ever been inside the MPR building and know what goes on there. I assume you have. What in particular do you think we should stop doing and what part of the bureacracy do you feel is bloated.

    also, what tax handouts are you referring to, specifically.

  • bigalmn

    If you look at the latest annual report for MPR which is found on their website, you can see that government support was at 8% and much of that was from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting for program production. The report can be found at:

    The report also shows the importance of members and corporate underwriters to the financing of the organization.