Another day on the job

You think you’re having a rough Monday?

Outside of Boston, a backhoe operator went to work today thinking it would be just another day on the job, right up until the part where he demolished a house by accident.

Says a local TV report:

Residents of a home on Winthrop Street in Stoneham were lucky to escape unharmed Monday when a heavy-equipment backhoe demolishing the house next door crashed through the roof of their house.

Crews were in the process of demolishing a house at 6 Winthrop that had burned on July 4th when the large backhoe hit their home, the Stoneham Fire Department said.

They said the operator of the backhoe was unharmed.

It was not immediately clear what caused the accident.

“It was not immediately clear what caused the accident?” Pssssst. It was the backhoe.

Here’s to a better Monday for you.

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