Whatever happened to Stephon Marbury?

When last we left Minnesota Timberwolf Stephon Marbury, he was sulking his way out of Minnesota where his chief complaints were — in no particular order — nobody realized he was better than Kevin Garnett and the pizza in the Twin Cities stinks.

The only thing a Minnesota sports fan hates more than a quitter — are you listening Marian Gaborik? — is someone who doesn’t like Minnesota (pizza optional). Chuck Knoblach incurred the wrath, and so did Marbury.

But the kid who, in our most private moments, has caused us to think about what might have been with the Timberwolves, is in the middle of a huge soap opera in his native New York. The Knicks don’t want him anymore and he’s refusing a buyout. So since day one, he’s been on the sidelines.

But with injuries mounting, the Knicks, according to the New York Times, asked Marbury to play this week and he reportedly refused. Today, the team suspended him for one game. So he won’t play in a game he wasn’t going to play in anyway. Tough love.

Miami, Boston, the Clippers and Dallas are said to be interested in taking Marbury off the Knicks’ hands. Boston, of course, is where Kevin Garnett plays. But the city has good pizza.

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