Wait a minute!

Three different perspectives on the economy that gives one pause:

Depression will cure our obesity

Philip Greenspun posits that if we have less money to spend, we’re less likely to spend it on junk food snacks. Wait a minute! Has anyone told this to the Heart Attack Grill?

Boomtimes in Jackson

Wait a minute. What? A Minnesota community is doing well? Did they not get the memo? It’s Jackson. An agricultural manufacturer is looking for 150 people to hire. A technical services company is looking for a dozen more. The Worthington Daily News says the city’s secret is they have employers who aren’t subject to the whims of the economy. There are businesses that aren’t subject to the whims of the economy?

Homeless shelter goes homeless

A pastor in a Pennsylvania town sheltered homeless people until locals got wind of it and booted the shelter. Some townspeople, according to the New York Times, objected to having a homeless shelter so close to the downtown. Wait a minute! There are towns that still have downtowns?

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