Transition Web site goes online

The transition team for President-elect Obama has gone live with its Web page this afternoon. there’s still some work to do.


I find the choice for the main picture intriguing.


A very serious looking Obama contrasting with an ebullient Joe Biden.

Obama canceled the fireworks originally planned for Tuesday night so that he could convey the seriousness of the occasion.

We may have to shift into smile-watch mode for Friday’s news conference.

(h/t:Julia Schrenkler)

  • MR

    This was online earlier in the day, but the poor server(s) crashed

  • John K Munholland

    If your “transition website” is responsible for my comment on the latest foolish remark by Michele Bachman, then I hope you will find a better was of dealing with comments if and when you come up with a permanent website. I am no more optimistic about your success in doing so than I am about Michele Bachman ever producing an insight worthy of anything more than shocked amazement.

  • Sean

    Does the above comment make sense to anyone? I have read it 12 times and I’m till trying to find the point.