Timewasters: Puppycam

Seriously. It’ll stop your workday dead in its tracks. A live feed of Shiba Inu puppies.

PuppyCam is way better than Light Bulb Cam.

  • brian

    Why would you do this to me Bob? I already wasn’t having the most productive of days.

    I suppose you did warn us.

  • There went the remainder of my productivity. But I want one so bad! Mooommmmmm, can I have a puppy pleeeease?

  • kfrush

    I wonder if Obama has been keeping up with this site…

  • Minn whaler

    First time I’m glad my work has afirewall that wouldn’t let me watch until I got home. But I had to watch and now I want one … I mean I really want one. The one who has been asleep for the last 30 minutes, underneath the other one who manages to raise his/her head now and then.

  • TKO

    Thank goodness my boss is out for the rest of today.

  • SC

    15.3k viewers, that is sick.

  • In times of crisis, a nation turns to puppies. Same as it ever was.

  • cassandra

    I’ve got my whole office hooked. I find it nice to have seeing I can’t own a dog right now. Plus, I don’t have to care for them – I can just watch away!

  • Anna

    If I can’t have one of these puppies – can I *be* one of these puppies? On cold, wet days like we’ve had this week, it just seems so inviting to be piled up with a bunch of other warm fuzzy puppies…