The southern suburbs by air

It was a gorgeous Sunday afternoon in Minnesota, and I needed to get away from campaigns. That mean no TV, no driving around, no Internet, and no answering the doorbell or telephone. Literally, the only way to go was up.

Here’s some images of a flight along the southern edges of the Twin Cities. Maybe it’ll help you escape.

We’ll see you tonight here for live-blogging of the Senate debate. Given the events of the last few days, it should be barn-burner.

  • Nice day to go flying.

  • Bob Collins

    It was ridiculously hazy just south of the Twin Cities, must be the trailing edge of whatever was around overnight. I flew back around intending to land at Airlake (Farmington), but there were a few planes on approach and you couldn’t pick up traffic so I pressed on back to Flying Cloud.

  • I’m totally taking you up on that flying offer…

  • Anna Silverman

    During the debate tonight, Norm Coleman labeled himself a “champion” a number of times. John McCain labels himself a “maverick.” Wow, labels are certainly important to these two Republicans! Also, rather than stating his position on issues, Norm constantly stated how “he” felt Al Franken would handle a situation/policy. Norm, you certainly did not do yourself proud during this debate!

  • Joao

    Normie needs to get a real job. This scandal may be just what he needs to propel him into reality. Where is my sugar daddy??? Joao

  • brian

    I enjoy your flying posts Bob, you should do them more often.

  • Bob Collins

    Heh. That would require me flying more often, which would also require me hitting the lottery more often. Like… once. (g)

  • brian

    If you post about your flights, MPR should reimburse you for them right?

    As a member, I demand more Bob flight time!

  • Bob Collins

    No, I would never charge MPR for flights. The post is really incidental to news, one. And, two, I try only to file reimbursement for long mileage trips in the car and out-of-town assignments. We’re good stewards of members’ money here.

  • brian

    Sorry, I wasn’t being serious with my last post. I know you wouldn’t charge MPR for personal flying.