The roundabout made me do it

A headline on caught my attention this afternoon.

Roundabout Causes Cattle Truck Tip-Over

The accompanying story was about a driver whose truck, with 32 cows, flipped over because he was unaware of the roundabout, the hottest new thing in Minnesota traffic control.

Of course, this would be like running a stop sign and then headlining the story “stop sign causes cattle truck tip-over,” which is better, I suppose, than “cattle truck driver, driving too fast and not paying attention causes cattle truck trip-over.”

Last summer, I put a short slideshow together explaining the science of the roundabout:

Woodbury’s roundabout experiment has been so successful — if one ignores the woman who almost t-boned me a few weeks ago when she went careening through without stopping, apparently believing the old Minnesota adage, “if I’m talking on my cellphone, you’re not really there” — they’re building another one.

They’re supposed to be — and usually are — a fairly simple process. But don’t tell that to Wisconsin, which has put together an online video that takes 11 minutes to tell you how to drive through one.