The last day: The dedicated spouse


You’ll have to forgive Phillip Weik of Woodbury if he looks tired. He’s been walking the mean streets of Woodbury today — I’d guess it’s close to 8 miles — carrying a sign for his wife’s campaign for the Washington County Board of Commissioners. It’s a good reminder that there’s still some grassroots politicking going on.

“Why not just stick this thing in the ground?” I asked.

“It’s more visibility,” he said. While it’s not true a walking sign is viewed by more people than one planted in the ground, it is true that people notice a guy walking with a sign,

Weik says it’s been a “once in a lifetime” experience helping his wife run for office, something that — the odds say — won’t be true if she wins.

Behind every candidate, there’s usually a dedicated spouse. But not many walk the streets carrying a lawn sign.

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