The last day: Home-schooled kids


Why aren’t these two kids — Alex and Cate Sutton — in class? Because they are, actually.

They’re home-schooled kids who have been given the assignment to drop leaflets in Woodbury today for Rep. Michele Bachmann, who’s in a close fight for re-election in the 6th District. They say this is part of a paper they’re writing on government.

Kristin Troyak, left, is driving them around and is responsible for 3 “teams” of home-schooled kids who have been deployed today in Woodbury. There are 64 teams being deployed around the region. They’ve also made 6,000 phone calls on Bachmann’s behalf over the weekend, she said.

“Some people swore at us,” Cate told me this afternoon, although she says most people have been nice.

“We’re part of Operation Generation Joshua,” Alex said, although he couldn’t explain what Operation Generation Joshua is. (Update: See comments)

Neither is old enough to vote, and even if they were, they couldn’t vote for Bachmann. They live in Minnetonka, which is in the 3rd District.