The economy is driving the train

The stumbling economy is making moot a lot of campaign chatter over the last two years.

In Minnesota, analysts are predicting a $4 billion budget deficit. Gov. Pawlenty’s aide says now is not the time to cut programs that create jobs which leaves, what exactly? Health care? Education? Few people running for the Legislature this year were outlining programs to cut but with a $4 billion deficit, something has to be cut. There aren’t many card tricks left for the politicians to perform.

Meanwhile, remember that question Barack Obama refused to answer during the last few debates: What of your initiatives would you be willing to give up the economy gets worse? He has to answer it now and on Sunday, his aides started the process.

Eliminating tax cuts for the wealthy? A member of his economic team, William Daley, said the incoming president is leaning toward leaving it in place until its scheduled end in 2011 instead of repealing it sooner.

Is a promise delayed the same as a promise broken?