The changing face of the music biz

Three tales from the music biz.

It’s been a strange week for old fogeys who used to go to the record store to get their music.

AC/DC’s new album is atop the charts, even though you can only buy it at WalMart or Sam’s Club. The group’s Sunday night concert at the Xcel got good reviews.

Guns N Roses released their album on Sunday. But you can only buy it at Best Buy or at iTunes. It got a terrible review from NPR’s music critic today.

And today, Bruce Springsteen is providing free downloads of the title track from his upcoming album, Working on a Dream (today only). The first step toward making a pile of money with an album, now appears to be giving away a piece of it for free.

Music marketing clearly has come a long way from the days when a record company would just pay a disc jockey to play its junk.

  • Bonnie

    Thanks Bob! This old fogey appreciates the free Bruce download tip. Pardon me while I blow off my vinyl. I can only hope that the next generation will truly discard the “its all about money”…and make a lot of their own music. Which I’m sure I won’t like, but if they do, that’s all that counts.

  • Jeff


    I was listening to NPR yesterday around 3:30pm or so and a fellow came on to discuss various audio systems available for the home that are wireless–connecting to your computer. He listed a few price ranges and systems, and stated where on this site I can read about this; however, I cannot for the life of me locate the section or page he mentioned. Any help on this? thanks so much.