The Begich connection

File this as another of Mr. Collins’ beloved Minnesota connection stories.

Anchorage Mayor Mark Begich, who was just declared the winner of Alaska’s U.S. Senate race over Ted Stevens, is the nephew of Iron Range resident Joe Begich (reg. required).

Mark’s father, U.S. Rep. Nick Begich has been presumed dead since 1972, when his plane from Anchorage to Juneau disappeared. A month-long search turned up neither remains nor wreckage.

It’s a story that writes itself:

Joe Begich said that his brother, who was Alaska’s sole representative in the U.S. House and running for re-election in 1972, had planned to run for the U.S. Senate against Stevens. But it would be current Anchorage Mayor Mark Begich who would fight that political battle in what was a truly historic and bizarre campaign.

(h/t: Aaron Brown)

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