Listeners and readers are sending us the occasional photo on this Election Day. Here’s one from Peter Loring of St. Paul, of Central High School kids near a polling place.


First, kids, pull up your pants. And second, Mr. A and Mr. M, you blew your big shot. And, third, why aren’t you in class?

I didn’t get a picture of a cute moment at the polls this morning when I voted. There was a little bit of a line at the spot where you put your completed ballot in. In front of me, a young African American lad — maybe 4 — got a “I Voted” sticker and his dad said, “What’s that say?”

“Barack Obama,” he said.

The “duh” award for signage goes to Ohio:


On Election Day, it seems, the “duh” award always goes to Ohio.

If you have a picture, send it along.

Reader Bruce Harrington, writes: “An elderly neighbor of ours is an election judge. She told a story to my wife about her parents going off to vote, but because they were a house divided politically, one year in bad weather it didn’t seem worth hitching up the wagons (literally) just to cancel each other’s vote. So that year he decided to switch parties and make a difference.”

If you have an anecdote — preferably witty or poignant — to share, post it below.

  • I was in line early today in Duluth, Precinct 1, and it was like we were standing in line to go into a much anticipated movie. There was a neat energy to the crowd and we even started clapping in time and cheering, “Let’s go, voters! Here we go!” as if we were at a sporting event. We even made a feeble attempt at a wave. I’ve never seen people so giddy and pumped in a voting line at 6:45 in the morning.

  • Bruce

    If you’re in Ohio or Florida, you may not get a vote. In 2004 republicans challenged 35,000 votes in Ohio (incl. Joe the Plumber’s).

    Stupidity at the polls is a pretty competitive race between FL and OH.

  • Neither witty nor poignant, but rather disheartening, but here goes.

    After voting, and other adventures today, went to get my oil changed. Fell to talking to the person at the oil change place about voting.

    He didn’t vote today and didn’t plan to. He claimed that voting made no difference, his vote didn’t count and he disliked both major candidates. He “didn’t want another Republican” and “Obama is a Muslim, and I don’t want that.”

  • Observation tonight: my local liquor store was very busy tonight…most had bottles of champagne.

    Conversely, I just stocked up on ammo just in case.