Recount training

The Minnesota Secretary of State has made a video and slides available of the training it provided this week for people involved in the recount of the U.S. Senate race in Minnesota.

  • beryl k gullsgate

    I listen and wonder, is this The Sermon on the Count; or more correctly, the Recount… will there be a hymn, a prayer, a benediction?

    Sorry about the cynicism here, but there is something so sad in the belated but honest attempt to assure the voter’s vote is counted correctly.

    Maybe we should have used square, blank pieces of paper and everybody write in their choices and stuff them in a locked wooden box…like third world countries; sans men carrying guns at the polling place and threatening our life if we dare to vote for the wrong dictator.

    Even in the ceremony of recounting the ballots we should be respectful for its careful attempt at fairness to all, however belately and whatever the outcome…even as the candidates wait on the sidelines and shuffle and grumble for the media; shadow boxing their right to be our next representative.

    Yet something is lost here in the struggle to recount…I can’t quite put my finger on it and maybe I really don’t want to know and on this overcast morning, all I can say at this point, frankly-I-don’t-give-a d@#m…but I do care deep down, yes, maybe… and so the process goes on..amen.