Q&A with the Lizard People voter

Downstream, some commenters have asked questions of Lucas Davenport, identified today as the person who wrote in Lizard People on his U.S. Senate ballot.

Q: In the Pres race, he selected the write-in candidate Lizard People (with the filled in oval). But he selected a real candidate in the Senate race while still writing in Lizard People. Was he trying to vote in the Senate race, or was the whole thing part of his ‘joke’?

I had first written in lizard people on all of the write ins. I then went through and X’ed all the ovals for which I intended my vote, and then blackened them all in. So, yes, I intended to vote for Franken. I had no idea that a write in was an automatic vote. I assumed you still had to fill in the oval for the scanning machine to read the vote. I left “Lizard People” blank intentionally.

Q: You mentioned you discussed this with your friend. Did you friend vote Lizard People too?

As for my friend, yes, in the Presidential election he also voted Lizard People.