Q&A with the Lizard People voter

Downstream, some commenters have asked questions of Lucas Davenport, identified today as the person who wrote in Lizard People on his U.S. Senate ballot.

Q: In the Pres race, he selected the write-in candidate Lizard People (with the filled in oval). But he selected a real candidate in the Senate race while still writing in Lizard People. Was he trying to vote in the Senate race, or was the whole thing part of his ‘joke’?

I had first written in lizard people on all of the write ins. I then went through and X’ed all the ovals for which I intended my vote, and then blackened them all in. So, yes, I intended to vote for Franken. I had no idea that a write in was an automatic vote. I assumed you still had to fill in the oval for the scanning machine to read the vote. I left “Lizard People” blank intentionally.

Q: You mentioned you discussed this with your friend. Did you friend vote Lizard People too?

As for my friend, yes, in the Presidential election he also voted Lizard People.

  • bsimon

    Thanks for following up with Lucas. I think we’re all learning far more about election law than we ever wanted to.

  • M

    Seriously? what kind of idiot does this?

  • @M – Seriously who attacks a fellow American for going to the poll and voting? So he still believes in the system, but that his choices suck. He is still voting!! With less than 70% of the eligible voters voting (almost 1/3 of the country Not Voting) you and others here attack this guy. Please. I applaud him for at least turning off ‘American Idol’ or other junk on TV long enough to get to the Poll.

  • SJH

    It is true that many people nationwide do not vote, but that is not true in Minnesota, which has nearly an 80% turnout for the general election. I am an election judge and honestly I am insulted by someone who thinks so little of his right to vote that he votes for Lizard People. I suspect a vet might feel that way too, although I can’t speak for any vets. If you don’t like your choices, then get involved. Hardly anyone shows up for the primary. Even fewer show up for caucus and party conventions. It is partly your own fault if you do not like your choices. My message to the Lizard People voter is to stop acting like an adolescent and do something meaningful.

  • Mike R

    I am filled with righteous indignation. Clearly the Lizard People vote has shaken our democracy to its very foundations!!!

  • @SJH

    I knew that someone would bring up MN at 78+ percent. ok, look around next time you are at the Mall, 1/5 didn’t vote. Yell at them, not lizard boy. He at least showed up. His choice, his vote. He did not waste it, or 😉 shake our democracy.

  • Bob Collins

    OK, I’ll bite, Brian. If 12 percent of the people don’t like either Norm Coleman, Al Franken, Dean Barkley or any of the other choices,” why does that signify a problem with 22 percent of the people and not 100% of the candidates?

  • jbstork

    Here’s hoping that Franken wins by one vote — Mr. Lizard People’s vote, which the canvassing board decides to count. I love democracy 😉

  • Hannah

    Also, American Idol doesn’t start until January!

    And we don’t get to vote in those primaries. Booo.

  • @Bob –

    I never said that there was not a problem with candidates. But Lucas Davenport and many others knew that, and still went to the poll. The posters that then dismissed the choice that Lucas and others like him made because it did not fit with that posters limited view of how to exercise democracy. If 22% (1/5) of our state could not even make it to the poll, those are the ones to be upset with.

    For the record I do not consider not voting exercising democracy, just like I do not consider watching a marathon on TV exercising.


    Yeah AI starts in January. And they will get 74 million votes (ok some people vote more than once) but about 15-25% of the population will watch, compared to what 5% that watched the presidential debates?

    @the moon

    I am just upset that people can not be bothered to take 10-20 minutes to fill out a ballot. Heck if you hate everyone just leave it all blank or follow Lucas’s example and vote for some other “thing” in protest.

  • *Dumokrat

    Me like lizard peeple!


    A vote for Franken mean vote for lizard peeple.


    go dumokracy!!!

    Franken is Wellstone prodigy, no?

  • Mike Green

    The guy has just identified himself… so does that mean his Lizard People votes were identifying marks? I wonder if he could end up disqualifying his own vote.

    Then again, it might not matter. This whole race could have been predetermined by a big conspiracy orchestrated by the Lizard People.

  • How great that MPR was able to track this voter down. I’ve been really curious about his intent. Thanks!

  • Dann Dobson

    Well it turns out that the “Lizard Prople” voter outsmarted himself. On Thursday, the canvassing board thru out his vote for Franken, even thou hie did not fill out the oval on the write in line, saying his vote for Franken and writing in “Lizard People” on the Senate write-in line constituted an over-vote.

    So J.B. Stork may hope that Al wins by one vote, but if he does, it won’t be with the Lizard person’s vote.