Poverty: It’s not just for the cities anymore

A study from the Federal Reserve says poverty in America is spreading to the suburbs.

“It shows that concentrated poverty is still very much with us, and that it can be found among a much more diverse set of communities and families than previous research has emphasized,” Bruce Katz, a director Brookings Institution Metropolitan Policy Program, told Reuters. “Poverty is spreading and may be re-clustering in suburbs, where a majority of America’s metropolitan poor now live.”

The report was put together by all 12 Fed regions, including Minneapolis, and is posted on the Fed’s San Francisco site. It’s called “The Enduring Challenge of Concentrated Poverty in America: Case Studies from Communities Across the U.S.

The experts visited 16 communities around the country. The closest to the Twin Cities was Milwaukee, which falls under the Chicago Fed. In the Minneapolis district researchers looked at the Blackfeet Reservation in Montana.

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