Picking judges

The Minnesota Lawyer blog posted this fascinating video of the deliberative approach we take when it comes to voting for judges.

Most of the races on my ballot were uncontested. Why don’t more people want to be judges?

  • Monday night I spent a part of the evening trying to find information about the judge races. There was so little out there.

    I did find the Minnesota Lawyer blog and found a couple videos of interviews of the candidates to be interesting and helpful. Their voter guide was a bit dry (just the fact maam). I say that only because my main purpose of voting for judges is to keep the crazies (i.e. Tinglestad) out of those seats.

    I was impressed with Hedlund and Grifith. I thought their campaign websites were very useful and felt they made a compelling case for their candidacy.

    “Why don’t more people want to be judges?”

    -Maybe the pay is no good.

  • bsimon

    Like gml4, we used online resources to identify the nuts & voted for the non-nuts. Turns out there are nuts running for all sorts of jobs, such as soil & water supervisor. My wife and I spent about a half hour online doing research on the more obscure races and are glad we did. It was time well spent.