Pawlenty on Palin

Keeping track of the keeping track of the governor:

The Los Angeles Times is following the meeting of presidential wannabees Republican governors in Miami where all the talk is definitely not Tim Pawlenty apparently. The people who want to talk to him, want to talk about Sarah Palin.

So he did, and that got the Times to reading between the lines:

See if you can follow this. Pawlenty ended with this:

“I think everybody will be looking back and second-guessing, triple-guessing this stuff for months and years… A lot of this is just like post-modern art. You can look at the painting and different people look at it and see different things…

“What you have to look to in the end is the data, an objective measurement of it. And so, politics as post-modern art analysis is fun and interesting but it doesn’t get you very far. So I would just steer you to the data.”

From the looks of it, did Pawlenty just say Palin was a bad pick?

  • Candi

    I’m a liberal through and through, but I actually sort of feel bad for Pawlenty. I wonder how hard it was for him to watch Palin trip up again and again? Even I am able to recognize that he would have made for a stronger Republican ticket. I still might have to send John McCain a thank you card…

  • Oh how I value a good laugh from time to time. Correct me if I’m wrong, but our Govenor… nevermind, I’m not going to make an effort to phrase a sentence that would approach Pawlenty’s logic. I’m looking at modern art, now I’m looking, objectively, at data – I didn’t know there was tried and true evidence or data regarding this subject, but I digress – and somehow I am faced with a choice between using my eye for modern art and being analytical. And to think he is our most popular polical figure.

    And before submitting this post, briefly, I would like to say that I do not, and never will, take pity on Mr. Pawlenty. During my sophmore year of college, his antics in dealing with the public transit strike nearly forced me to drop out of school (I lived in St. Paul and bussed to Augsburg, in Minneapolis, each morning). Needless to stay, I’m not a big fan of ole Timmy boy and I will continue to take every oppurtunity to share this story so long as he is in any sort of public office.

  • beryl knudson

    So, our governor is speaking in political tongues again? Just chalk it up as another of Pawlenty’s picky parables; this time on the Wild Woman from Wazilla. Or as a Kentucky friend of mine so often concluded…”It don’t make no never mind.”

  • Jim!!!

    He has an obfuscated grasp of the obvious?

  • bsimon

    During the NPR interview this morning, I thought Gov Pawlenty was very gracious towards Gov Palin.

  • John K

    McCain passed over Romney and Pawlenty to pick Palin to be his VP. Those same reasons will apply in 2012.

  • Steve

    Gov. Pawlenty also had some really bizarre responses on CNN. About the Republican party picking all of the right instruments and moving forward to make beautiful music together and blah, blah.

    Is there a doctrine that says politicians have to use bad analogies in order to talk to us plebeians?

  • sm

    Pawlenty found Palin so compelling he’s channeling her. Or else it’s a joke on his part. Why is gibberish such preferred polit-speak?

  • Carmen

    We have almost stopped hearing about McCain so why is this Palin woman still coming up? End the madness she didn’t have anything to say in the compaign why listen to her now? I feel everytime I listen to this woman I lose a brain cell.