Passing the News Cut torch

Bob is on vacation this week, and while we will miss him, we’ll still be trawling the internet.

During this week, we will be posting some of the more interesting things we have found on the Web, and we invite you to share your finds in the comments section. Here are a few things we’ll be keeping our collective eyes on.

  • A second game of high-stakes economic poker. The financial industry got its bailout, so it would be unfair to deny the Big Three automakers their slice of the pie, right? The Detroit Free Press puts it this way, “America makes things — and that makes things happen, here and around the world.” Too bad nobody wants to buy those ‘things’ in question.
  • The Recount. Once again, we’ll take a hard look at math skills across the state. Will it be the new Minnesota Miracle?
  • Puppies!

Perhaps your best bet? Radiolab returns for another season. Delay your lunch break — it’s on your local MPR station at 2 p.m. all this week.

  • Carolynn

    The info on radio lab is great. The theme “music” is HIGHLY annoying. Also unimaginative. The sound of “changing stations” come on.