On vacation

News Cut is going on vacation. Nothing serious, I’m just burning up vacation time so I can accumulate more. Walking away from a new blog while trying to develop an audience for it is risky business in these economic times and up until recently I tended not to do it. But News Cut has been warmly received and for that I thank you for your very insightful contributions.

I almost dropped my vacation plans (Note: There are none, I’ll be working on the airplane and resting a sore shoulder ravaged by a year of non-stop blogging.) when I heard the Senate recount would start next Wednesday. I thought it would give me an opportunity to live-blog at a recount center:

9:00:05 That’s one for Franken

9:00:30 That’s one for Coleman

9:00:45 That’s one for Franken

9:01 00 That’s one for Coleman

But some people may not have seen the humor in eight hours worth of that.

MPR’s Than Tibbetts and Steve Mullis will be occasionally posting while I’m away. Steve also has a pretty neat personal blog here. I’ll be around on Twitter.

Please let me return to an inbox full of e-mails with interesting people you know that you think should be “News Cutted.”

  • Mark Gisleson

    Enjoy your vacation. I’ll save up my “how dare you” agenda for when you get back.

  • James Steffes

    You’re right about taking a vacation while trying to get blog following. I’ll say this though, in the fickle world of reading blogs, somehow yours seem to have established a niche in my mind. Have a good vacation.