No freebies for voting

Starbucks, and a few other chains, were offering freebies today to people who vote.

Then it was brought to their attention that it’s illegal to reward people for voting.

Instead, Starbuck’s will now give everyone a free cup of joe.

update 10:16 p.m. Georgia now cracking down, too.

  • Ya know, I can kinda understand this, but it’s too bad corporations can’t reward civic participation in this very small way. Kudos to Starbucks anyway for encouraging people to vote, free java or no.

  • Joe J

    Caribou is offering a free small coffee today as well. One could get fully caffinated for free today, just by making the rounds.

  • sm

    What kind of Mad Men came up with the big ad campaign and buys without any legal input? Or maybe they knew this would happen and they’d get even more PR.

  • Andrew