Let the campaign begin

The estimated 2012 Iowa caucuses begin in:

(Update: IE7 users may not see that but that’s what you get for using IE7.)

  • That’s not funny, that’s sick.

  • Bob Collins

    Ah, yo watch, Erik. Jon Stewart will do some riff on this idea tonight and people will be twittering it all over the universe.

  • sick!! It is that kind of thing that keeps food on my familes table. Where did you get it?

  • mulad

    oh god oh god oh god oh god

  • Paul

    The writer of the comic XKCD feels exactly the same way today:


  • Not just no, but HELL no.

    Can we at least wait 6 months before this crap? Maybe even until next fall? Besides, 2012 will be like shooting retarded republican fish in a barrel.

  • bsimon

    My math says the 2012 caucuses are scheduled for 2020.

  • Bambi

    can’t wait, suffering map withdrawl as we speak

  • David Weisser

    If we take 4 years each at 365.25 days (to account for leap year) we have 1460 days. That’s simply until the election. We should then subtract some days because of prior time for the caucus. You should have been in my math class. We could have fixed that problem for you.

  • Hannah

    And just like that, my election anxiety has returned.


  • Bob Collins

    David, I’m not seeing your point. The difference between the number you’ve provided and the second week in January 2012 is 309 days. What doesn’t add up?

  • Meg

    Um, Bob? Daivd was responding to bsimon’s calculation that the next round of caucuses were going to occur in 2012. Just some context for you!

  • Bob Collins

    Ah. Stupid pronouns! (g) Thanks, meg.

  • bsimon

    Perhaps I am the only person that sees a calculation of 4438 days on the countdown timer.

    By my calculations, 4438 days takes us into 2020, not 2012.

    cut ‘n paste of the timer is:

    4438 Days, 12 Hours, 51 Minutes, 00 Seconds.

  • Bob Collins

    Yeah, that’s the problem. It’s 1161 days. Might be the IE7 problem. Shall I call John Hodgman?

  • Has Nader announced his intention to run again yet?