Identifying RNC victims

Last week, the St. Paul Police and Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office asked the public for help in identifying a man who was apparently assaulted on the first day of the Republican National Convention.


Maybe they’re getting somewhere. Maybe not. An e-mail today claims:

I dont know if you guys know who the victim in the RNC protest is yet but he is my husband’s uncle, (name withheld). He is the man with the white shirt being assaulted by the rioters and I’m not sure if he has filed any charges yet, but I believe that he should. We are a military family and I believe that, from the sign he was holding, apparently fell to the ground as he is being assaulted, he was there to voice his opinions about military servicemen and families like us.

I’m trying to contact him today.

Update 10:09 a.m.: Bogus phone number