The junkmail war — Part 2

For the last 5 days, I’ve been saving all the political junk informational literature that’s been arriving with the daily mail. Here’s the not-at-all-scientific breakdown.

6th District


Total number of pieces: 31

Republican (or anti-DFL candidate): 20

DFL (or anti-GOP candidate): 11


U.S. Senate 8

Legislative House seat: 10

6th District Congressional seat: 4

President: 3

General party: 5

County board: 1

Legislative seat:

Pro DFL (incumbent): 3

Pro GOP: 7

Congressional seat:

Pro Tinklenberg: 3

Pro Bachmann: 1

Senate seat:

Pro Franken: 2

Pro Coleman: 6

2nd District

Meanwhile, a colleague in Apple Valley has saved her mail for the last three days and has come up with this breakdown.

Total number of mailings: 22

Pro GOP (or anti DFL): 18

Pro DFL (or anti GOP): 4


U.S. Senate: 6

2nd Congressional District: 3

Mn. House seat: 7

President: 2

General Party: 3

Legislative seat:

Pro DFL (incumbent): 3

Pro GOP: 4

Senate seat:

Pro Franken: 1

Pro Coleman: 5

3rd District seat:

Pro Kline: 2

Pro Sarvi: 1

I can’t imagine any of you saved your political mail over the last week, but if by some chance you did, let me know how it breaks down.