Catching up with Jim

Of all the people I met in this campaign season, none was more impressive than Jim Felder of Ohio, who was so moved by Barack Obama in the late stages of the primary season that he and his wife jumped in the car and headed to the Democratic National Convention in Denver, just to be in the same city.

He was more than content to hand out maps to visitors:

After Tuesday night’s Obama victory, I called Jim but he wasn’t home. Yesterday he sent me an e-mail:

It was a real pleasure to receive a folllow -up message from you! Your interview with me made me a”star”(?) here in my hometown(smile). It was seen by many of my friends.You gave me good karma, because as we were walking away from your interview, my niece and I were approached by a young woman from California doing a documentary, and she asked if we would consent to an interview – of course we could not turn her down(another smile).Then after the big doings at Invesco Field, and about 1 AM as I was walking into my hotel lobby, an Irish Union official asked if he could interview me and again I agreed. I have not seen any of these interviews, but hope lives!

We have been on cloud 9 since Tuesday evening. The local county(Greene) Democrats had an election party which we attended for a short time, and then a large group of us left for a private home where we made a lot of joyous noise that lasted until about 2 AM. At 12 noon on Wednesday, we attended a celebration at a restaurant/bar located in our downtown district(Our village is less than 4000 population).The final event was a quiet(?) dinner party at the home of a dentist friend who lives outside our village. The last few days have been a blast!

I believe that the right person was elected and with time, he will do great things for this country and repair the damage done by the present politicians.

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