Election Day caption contest: Smudge the dog


Mary Lucia sent out this picture of her dog, Smudge, along with a political caption. I’ve removed the caption so that you can supply your own as we face Election Day.

Just make it good and one that will make us laugh. We need it.

  • sm

    “No, I didn’t pull up all those lawn signs. You can trust me.” See mom, I’m learning from the politicians.

  • “I’m going to count to three. I’m not kidding… all hell’s going to break loose unless you hand over that last bite of my snausage… 1.. 2.. ”

  • Jim!!!

    “I’m so worried about the baggage retrieval system they have at Heathrow”

  • Carolynn

    Wha’d’ya mean, the election’s been pushed back to Nov. 11th?

  • Tim

    Why can’t I vote? All those dogs in Chicago can…

  • “They’re not making another of those humiliating Men In Black movies, are they?”

  • Barbara Norblom

    “No matter what happens tomorrow, I’m just plain worried. Got any more of that syrupy water you’re drinking?”

  • Michelle

    Will you vouch for me? I can’t find my cable bill.

  • Minn Whaler

    A clear cut case of Pre-election stress syndrome

  • Jennifer B.

    *sigh* I never thought I’d be so glad to see the return of all those ED medication commericals.

  • Bonnie

    My internet is down and I don’t want to miss any of Bob Collins pithy posts…

  • Bonnie

    Not me! It was Joe Biden’s cat! I swear!

  • dang in mpls

    I watched 100 attack ads while Mary was at work today. The horror…the horror!

  • JohnnyZoom

    “Hello. My name is Smudge, and I’m a McCainine-iac”

  • Anna

    He promised me kibbles ‘n bits if he was elected. I didn’t look at his record on tummy yummies…can I change my vote?

  • Bonnie

    Doing my impression of Norm Coleman…quit picking on me

  • Brian Felland

    Line at the polls? I’m worried about the line at the ladies room.

  • Sara C.

    No more Tina Fey impressions of Sarah Palin after today (sniff).