Bachmann’s back

Michele Bachmann is back with the national media again after her re-election. In an interview with Politico, she points out that the Democratic Party did Elwyn Tinklenberg no favors:

“My opponent did not do a stellar job fundraising,” Bachmann said, noting that it was only after her interview on MSNBC that “there was money coming from [the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee] and outside money, and that significantly impacted race.” Fundraising records show that her challenger raised more than $1.3 million in a week.

“What that did is, it opened the door for a phenomenal outpouring of negative media coverage. It was the echo chamber of the left media, and it was overwhelming, and that was difficult to overcome that level of vitriol.

She also brings up a question: Will it be possible to disagree with an African American president and not be subject to allegations of racism.


. On the same hand, I hope that the national media will not confuse disagreement with Obama’s policy positions with being consumed [by] racism.”

(h/t:Tom Crann)