No history in the headlines

Are you one of those people who likes to save newspapers on historic occasions? If so, you have to be pretty disappointed with what the major papers stuck on our doorsteps today.

Is there some sort of axiom that says “when in doubt, just put the guy’s name in big font?” OBAMA is what the headlines say locally today. OBAMA, what? That’s the best they could do? No toying with a campaign theme. “Yes, he did!”? “It Happened with Hope”? “Obama Turns Hope into History”? “Young Black Dude Beats Old White Guy”?

I guess not.

For pure “savability” (what are we supposed to do when newspapers die, print out Web pages?), the Pioneer Press wins the local race hands down.


Take a shot at this. If you were a headline writer, write a headline that would make a reader want to toss the paper into the same pile where now sits newspapers with headlines like “Man Lands on Moon” and “Ford to New York: ‘Drop Dead.'”

Here’s one from Toronto, for example:



You can browse the world’s front pages at the Newseum Web site.

  • Had the same thought this morning (and blogged about it) — but not as much access to actual dead trees. Didn’t even want to tell my kids who won until I show them the big headline.

    I guess there’s some thrill in firing up the internets for big news, and there’s definitely a thrill in following a breaking story online, but if and when “the paper” goes away for good, I’ll definitely feel a loss.

  • MacAlum

    A few suggestions:

    Obama Nation!

    Obama: “Change has come”


  • MR

    Even the New York Post could only come up with “Mr. President”

  • bsimon

    Obama to Bradley Effect: Drop Dead.

  • kfrush

    Something like an Obamanon

  • mulad

    Yeah, I would have gone for “Obamenon” myself, though I personally tend to think this election is less phenomenal than the national media seems to (but I’m biased since I wanted to see Coleman, Bachmann, and Ted Stevens of AK all get voted out).

  • kfrush


    Barack Attack?