A win for MinnesotaCare

Gov. Pawlenty’s office announced this afternoon that it’s received an extension of a waiver to allow MinnesotaCare to cover 18,000 parents to remain eligible for the state subsidized health care plan. The feds had previously decided against renewing the waiver, which would’ve cost thousands of people their health care coverage.

“Our administration has been negotiating with the federal government to ensure that funding was preserved for this program,” Governor Pawlenty said. “I appreciate the help of our state Congressional delegation to obtain this waiver,” he said in his press release which was headlined slightly less modestly:

Governor Pawlenty secures Federal Waiver to Allow MinnesotaCare Funding to Continue

  • Minn Whaler

    AMEN!!! So many studies show that parents with healthcare coverage make sure their children have regular visits are much more likely to do so. Parents without appropriate care are not only more vulnerable to disease, but also set a poor example to their children. Minnesota has been a leader in this area and it was starting to feel like we were going to be punished for having better access to healthcare than most states in the USA, by removing that edge.

    I am extremely relieved that we have been given a reprieve.