Woman sues McCain-Palin over anti-Obama remarks

A woman in Kansas City is suing the McCain-Palin campaign.

Mary Kay Green said she had been injured by their campaign tactics and suffered “terror of the heart, anxiety and grave fear” for Obama’s life, according to the Kansas City Star. Here’s a copy of the complaint.

Green claims that Barack Obama is in danger of being assassinated because the McCain-Palin campaign “recklessly and irresponsibly porhayed (sic) Presidential candidate Barack Obama as un-American, a terrorist by association, and ‘not like us,’ a non-white individual.”

According to her Web site, she’s from Omaha and served on the City Council for several years. Nebraska. That’s where the guy sued God.

Green comes from a long-time political family in Nebraska. Her father is a former party chair, according to this post from the former communications director for the Nebraska Democratic Party, who is now the associate communications director for the Minnesota DFL (See? I can eventually link every news item to Minnesota!)

  • Pretty sure the Supreme Court has been pretty consistent in saying that you can’t sue for things like “terror of the heart, anxiety, and grave fear.” No case. Next!

  • GregS

    It is obvious these people know what they are doing; an anti-McCain-Palin message propagated throughout the country free of charge.

    And every media outlet feels obliged to do their little bit to help.

  • Bob Collins

    I think you have to give your fellow Americans more credit than that. Few people would read about this lawsuit and not shake their heads.

    The Obama campaign gets no traction out of this story.

  • JohnnyZoom

    >> shake their heads

    A couple of years ago, in a school district not far from mine, the staff (councilors, a principal, etc) recommended that a particular child not enter kintergarten until the following year, due to maturity issues or whatever, even though they were chronologically eligible that particular year.

    The parents sued the district. For [drum roll] the wages the child would purportedly make in their first year on a job after completion of schooling. And the estimated interest on that over their expected lifetime.

    A family with Nebraska roots, no doubt. [g]

    Back to this story… Really now, who on earth (with any reasonable credibility that is, so lawyers don’t count [gg]) would take the story here seriously? If I was in Obama’s campaign, I’d be embarrassed, and hope the whole thing just goes away. I think everyone has better things to do with these particular 15 minutes.