Vikings fans get no love

Seldom am I inclined to start a post with “don’t shoot the messenger,” but don’t shoot the messenger.

Sports Illustrated is out with its stadium rankings and the Minnesota Vikings do not do well, ranking 30th overall out of 32 venues.

The “atmosphere” at the Metrodome ranks 24 out of 32, partially because of its rating on “fan IQ,” and SI highlighted this nugget as an example of the worst behavior at the Metrodome:

“At the end of a game, the throwing of plastic bottles and half-full beer cups at a Chicago Bears fan with Down’s Syndrome who wasn’t moving as quickly as others toward the exit doors. It was the most disgusting behavior I have ever personally witnessed at a football game.”

The Dome also gets low marks for parking and finishes dead last in tailgating (there’s no place to tailgate these days).

But perhaps the biggest insult was the best ratings the Vikings and their fans got was the quality of the team’s play.

(h/t:Michael Wells)

  • Justin

    Worth noting that the Packers come in at No. 1. I’m pointing my finger at the Vikings fans giving a good nelson-style HaHa!

  • I must say that none of this comes as a surprise to me. The dome is rancid as those filling the seats on many a fall/winter Sunday. I remember exiting the stadium after a game, any one of the many I attended during my youth, to the raw environment that was post Viking game downtown Minneapolis. It was not bizarre to see a fan passed out on the median running down Washington Avenue – hell, in the street or on the sidewalk for that matter – after 1 to 10 beers too many. People poured into already flooded streets and in doing so filled the air with superfluous honks, warlike cries lacking purpose, wild obscenities, disjointed chants, smack-talking, and, I’m sure, every other easily drawn stereotype of an obsessed sports fan. As a kid I must say that the surroundings had the appeal of any backcountry fair, it was exciting. What I did not pick-up on, under my cloak of youthful ignorance, was any of the morose behavior described by Tom Collins in this posting. With that said, it doesn’t take much of an imaginary stretch to believe it.

  • Bonnie

    As a season ticket holder since before Metrodome…I feel I can speak with a “little” authority and would like to lob a defense of at least some of the fans! I don’t know where SI gets its info, but I’ve never witnessed behavior as bad as multiple fans lobbing bottles or glasses at a departing visitor. I’ve probably been to over 200 games and have not seen anything as bad as described.

    Tailgating isn’t the same as the old Met or in GB, since there isn’t a huge lot for everyone to be together in, but it seems to be pretty prolific to me, I think the light rail has had the biggest effect in that fewer people park in downtown. And the cost of parking near the dome is up.

    The dome is not the greatest environment, it’s sterile and the facilities are definitely not today’s standard. It’s a tv studio for football. Today the stadiums play a much larger role in revenue generation and are a huge part of the overall value of a team. A new stadium would be great. If they rebuild on the dome site and the Vikings play on campus for a couple of years, it will be interesting to see how folks cope with the weather in December.

    Incidents at games are very localized…for example, I was unaware of the chanting to fire Childress until I got home from the game and watched the evening news. I’m sure there are some fans who are “rancid” when they arrive at the gates, we used to see unconscious folks getting carried into the old Met with their ticket between their teeth. Of course back then they just waved them on through.

    Professional football games aren’t for everyone, and there is sure to be something offensive at each one FOR everyone. The dome is a different place on saturdays when Gopher Nation is in town, as it should be.

  • Michael

    Metrodome, rep-re-SENT!!

    That place is horrible–I can’t imagine a worse place to watch indoor baseball. Unless I get a ride in a time machine back to 1987 and 1991.

    It’s no surprise, folks. Admit it.