Previewing the VP debate

Like the Super Bowl, coverage of tonight’s vice presidential debate is starting hours ahead of time. Midmorning previewing the debate during the first hour (9-10) and we’re live-blogging that conversation and looking forward to your comments.

I’ll also be live blogging tonight’s debate itself between Joe Biden and Sarah Palin and we’re looking for your comments and analysis as the event unfolds in St. Louis, in what appears to be the most highly anticipated VP debate in history.


As we did last Friday, there’s a debate-watching party in the UBS Forum at MPR. I’ll be blogging that, too.

And, finally, Sarah Pailn’s spot on the GOP ticket has sparked a lot of conversation about how women balance work and family. We want to hear what women in our audience are thinking on this subject. Tell us about your choices involving work on MPR’s “Public Insight Journalism” site.