The unspoken fear

The ATF says it’s disrupted a plot to assassinate Barack Obama and who among us is surprised?

For most of the the last two years, it’s been the unspoken fear that , coincidentally, has been spoken in the last few weeks.

Just last week, for example, Saturday’s Globe and Mail shocked its readers in an op-ed piece that started, “where were you when Barack Obama was shot?”. The article takes the easy way out — connecting a potential assassination with the McCain-Palin tone of the last few weeks. But there’s plenty of demented skinheads in America that had people concerned long before now.

More shocking still isn’t that people are so worried about an assassination, but that so many people actually expect it. Charles Onyango Obbo, writing in Kenya’s Daily Nation last week said, “an Obama victory would leave many Third World intellectuals and nationalists either jobless, struggling for relevance, or scurrying back to the drawing boards to explain an America led by a black president. Of course, they will also wish that he met some misfortune at the hands of a red-neck.”

Update: Here’s a site in Wisconsin showing a flyer it says was distributed in Wausau. However, I see nothing there that connects it with the Republican Party.

  • Funny, funny quote from the Daily Nation of Kenya. I guess they’ll all have to learn what we have to learn almost constantly – that the USA is far, far bigger than we will ever completely understand.

  • Joel

    It is the wishful hopes of deranged individuals such as Cowart and Schlesselman that give me, by far, the greatest concern of an Obama presidency.

  • Jim!!!

    Yesterday one of my coworkers was saying “my wife says that Obama is evil!”. I bit my tongue, but now I wish I had spoken up. How can she think he is “evil”? What does she mean by that statement?

    (my) Tolerance of those kinds of attitudes and of people making totally unfounded character statements is dangerous because it creates an environment where more seriously deranged people feel justified in taking horrendous actions. Shame on me!

  • Stephen Acel

    ATF is a rouge runaway outfit. I wouldn’t believe a thing they say. They make up phony search warrants.